Volume 91, Issue 82

Thursday, March 5, 1998

Lady Liberty


Fight the power

Re: Changes in OSAP eligibility

To the Editor:
Mike Harris has put common sense to work on the student debt problem. After hearing that students were upset about the size of their debts upon graduation, Harris seems to have come to the simple conclusion that lending students less money would be the best way to reduce the amount they will eventually have to pay. Students who borrow less, owe less.

He was so pleased with himself that he wondered why no one else had thought of it before. Of course, there were complications; his advisers told him that students still need money to pay tuition and living expenses. After rejecting suggestions about grants, scholarships, or a tuition freeze as totally impractical. Imagine how family values will be enhanced when parents have to re-mortgage their homes to pay for their children's education. There is nothing like generational interdependence!

In my mind, the largest problem with OSAP prior to Harris' changes was the plight of the student whose parents earn a moderate amount of money. These students are ineligible for most government loans and must instead resort to bank loans. Recent reform has only increased the size of this growing group of students. Anyone who is not disturbed, angry and totally incredulous about these changes to OSAP, ought to start becoming angry and act. When a government can introduce such a transparently asinine piece of policy, it has become dangerously arrogant. Let's bring 'em down!

John Fraser
Politics/English IV

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