Volume 91, Issue 82

Thursday, March 5, 1998

Lady Liberty


Get a job, you bum

Re: Student responsibility

To the Editor:
I worked as a landscape contractor last summer. Tough work. We had lots of great equipment, but the only tool we never had to lock up for fear of theft, was a shovel. A $75 shovel can sit out in the open for days and nobody touches it. Funny. Yet, when I came back to school this year, people were livid over tuition increases, my shovel lying in wait.

'Tis true, my friends, Mike Harris and his men are out to get you. Twenty per cent here, 20 per cent there. You're next.

Canada isn't made of money and things cost money. I pay my taxes and I pay what is asked for my education. No help. I've been saving for years now. No help. Me? Get OSAP? I earn too much, or rather, at eight dollars an hour, I work too hard.

So I suppose I must ask, just in curiosity, how does it feel? How does it feel to want someone else to pay your way? Keeping tuition down means I pay for it, my parents pay for it and my children will pay for it. We all know that down the road those bills come back with interest, inflation and political misuse. Some of you get mad, but my shovel is still where I left it.

I recall a fitting sign in a small jewellery store not far from where I learned my work ethic, bought my first car and built my company: "NO CREDIT! I no give credit, you get mad. I give credit, you no pay, I get mad. Better you get mad." (Better you get job.)

C. McIntosh
Biology III

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