Volume 91, Issue 83

Friday, March 6, 1998

100 bottles of beer


Hey, that's my pie!

©Graphic by Janice Olynich

By Shawn Despres
Gazette Staff

"Sorry about the delay, we got held up at the border," says Steve Jackson, the lead singer for Washington D.C.'s the Pietasters on Highway 15, just outside of Montreal. "When there are 10 guys in a van, it takes a real long time. It's all supposed to be taken care of, but nobody at the border seems to know what's going on."

What a way to start a Canadian tour. The Pietasters are currently on the road in support of their new album, Willis. "I think Willis is a really good record and it is the most true to our sound," says Jackson. The album was released on Tim Armstrong's (of Rancid fame) Hellcat Records.

The Pietasters formed in 1990 and were given their name by a bunch of English guys who used to hang out with the band when they first started playing.

"We used to eat a lot. I was a big fat guy who used to just sit around eating pizza and drinking beer. So when we came in they used to chant 'They're the Pietasters, they're the Pietasters. They'll eye your pies, they'll tell you lies. You won't believe the bastard's size.' It was just one of those things that got a little too big for itself and now we're stuck with the name. Where they're from in England that meant fat ass."

Jackson says the band "is definitely a live band. We play all the time and that is what we enjoy doing the most." He then begins telling some crazy Canadian tour stories.

"Last time we were in Vancouver we got hit by a drunk driver who was trying to pick up hookers. The Canadian police just let him go. But that's not our strangest Canadian story. We were in Edmonton one time and spent an entire night drunk in a hotel room with a pregnant woman with a bottle of wine. This was the strangest thing I have ever seen in my whole life."

Jackson adds, "I don't even know if she was drinking but she was pregnant and had this huge bottle of wine." He pauses. "We definitely have a good time whenever we come to Canada. We pretty much just have drunken nights of fun up here."

Jackson continues. "In America we kill someone in every city. We pick them up at rest stops and ditch their bodies in the woods. But I guess I shouldn't be telling you that."

The Pietasters pull into London on Sunday night to open up for their good friends and admirers, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at the Nac. The Bosstones recently recorded The Pietaster's song "Ocean" for the MOM II benefit album.

"Dickie [Barrett] came to one of our shows and really liked the band. Our road manager used to work for the Bosstones and slipped Dickie a tape. He really liked us and asked if we wanted to go on the road. It's like Tim Armstrong saying 'Hey, do you want to be on my label?' What do you say to that. It's just like, yeah! And here we are."

After Canada, the band is heading to Europe and then will play a couple of weeks on this summer's upcoming Warped tour. "Live [performances] is where the Pietasters shine their best. If you see us live, believe me, you won't be disappointed."

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