Volume 91, Issue 83

Friday, March 6, 1998

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For a good cause

Re: Western "experience" doomed?, Feb.11

To the Editor:

Rising costs of education. Increased student debt. An uncertain economy. These are the exact reasons why Western students get involved with GRAD PACT!

Established by the Class of 1991, Western's GRAD PACT campaign is driven by students for students. It is an opportunity for all of us to say thanks to the thousands of alumni who have supported Western while we were here. It is also an opportunity to give back – if even just a little – to show future students that we know it is more difficult to get a post-secondary education.

No one is "demanding" that you give back. We all have a choice whether or not to support Western after we graduate. However, the amazing fact is that Western's graduates do want to make a difference and believe they can help preserve the "Western experience."

In spite of the "mountain of debt," our GRAD PACT campaign is a success. To date, more than $1,709,986 has been pledged from over 9,000 Western graduates. This money directly supports student activities and helps to purchase the resources we use to do our research papers, the computers we use in the library and our lab equipment. The money also supports the GRAD PACT Bursary Funds which help some of us with the issue of higher tuition and OSAP loans. In the faculty of social science, more than $5,000 worth of books and journals are available because students chose to give.

On Saturday, Feb. 7, 1998 the first GRAD PACT call was placed by a fellow graduating student at 1:34 p.m. (NOT 10 a.m.) and now more than $79,000 has been pledged by this year's graduating class – so I guess there are a few of us here at Western who believe we can make a difference.

Tim Bonello
Kinesiology IV

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