Volume 91, Issue 83

Friday, March 6, 1998

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Re: Private access for Internet Café

To the Editor:
I would like to ask the "powers that be" why it is that we, Western students, do not have access to other universities' jobs but everyone from the four corners of the earth can access ours?

There is a message on the Internet Café that claims our system is available only to us and it has been there since I returned to school in September, yet, I have been able to access the system from Toronto without being asked for my password.

The job market has become very competitive and I know for a fact that I have lost several chances with potential employers because students from other neighbouring universities as well as the general public have been able to apply to jobs using our Internet Café.

One employer, upon my inquiry regarding a job interview, told me they had received a surprising number of applicants and not all were Western students, or even applying from London for that matter.

As part of our fees, we support the Internet Café and it is our right to demand it be accessible only to us.

Karim Ravji
Biochemistry IV

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