Volume 91, Issue 84

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

Summer lovin'


CD Reviews

Autour de Lucie

A sweet female voice glides smooth as silk over muted bass and guitar rhythms. It doesn't matter that the words are completely in French, the singing melts into the music, becoming a captivating instrument, seducing the senses.

Immobile is the second release for Autour de Lucie, originating from Paris, France. The band toured last summer with Lilith Fair and this disc features a rougher sound than their earlier release. What they have produced, however, is a CD filled with memorable melodies, samples and hypnotic vocals.

The first single from the album "Chanson sans Issue (ne vois-tu pas)" is slightly repetitive lyric-wise, but the song is so intense otherwise that it does not detract from it. A bonus remix of this song is also included at the end of the disc.

"Sur tes Pas" (On your tracks) is another stand-out song on the album. Songstress Valerie Leulliot's haunting vocals mix with catchy guitar riffs to create the feeling of someone watching.

Autour de Lucie are definitely masters of "setting the mood." The band definitely illustrates the old adage that music is the universal language.
–Lisa Weaver

The Plaid Tongued Devils

In Klezskavania

The Plaid Tongued Devils are not your average modern rock band. Sporting exotic instruments like the viola, the maldulcimer and the sitar, this five-piece is... well, a little different.

The music included on the CD is the soundtrack for a theatre production to be performed in collaboration with Calgary's One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Company. In Klezskavania is an Eastern European musical about a deformed man, Vladimir, whose disfigurement is avenged through the exploits of Lucy DuLamour.

The music has an Eastern folk style, carried mainly on the back of the foot-stomping violin of Jonathan Lewis. Other members include John McNiel (percussion), Chipp Robb (bass), Ty Semaka (lead) and Alan Kolodziejzyk (guitars). The music is fairly decent and worthy of a theatrical production. Although not terribly exciting by itself, it will prove to be a viable musical experience once accompanied by dramatic elements.
–Sean Pedersen

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