Volume 91, Issue 84

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

Summer lovin'


fully completely

fully completely in love with money and cars
driving up her thigh
while i
stare wide eyed
thinking how i'd like to have it all
together forever
packed tightly in a room full of
fish and flowers
soon to be deflowered
cowardly or cautious it's making me
her expression
his professional opinion
of this
is blurred by
hinders thinking that
drinking makes the world go
she's upside down
and staring seductively with her dress
lifted up (pulled down?)
revealing but strangely not
to the man with the

holds his prize so violently
scared of the woman with horns
and blue frosted lips
her well shaped hips
hide beneath wispy cloth
covering up what i'll never know
that the world is filled with
numbers on
seems so complex but it's
really very simple
people in a simple setting
betting that i'd never lick her calf
raised in the air as if she's falling over
but not struggling
with the look in the eye of
anyone else
would see a lot of flesh
and fish
but i see the things that spin the modern world
the money numbers sex and cars and
looking even closer see
the love and lust and longing
and i think i see it all
except the fish.

i don't understand the fish.

–by Greg Marshall

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