Volume 91, Issue 85

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

home and dry


Literary Corner

Free Mars

The elevator is the only way up
No one can find me here.
Another year spent in training watching the angels come and go.
Come to us they call me, they want me.
Passion of a bright young thing, killed off before his time,
In the name of love.
You reached out and touched our minds, are we just toys to you?
No. That is not what I meant, not what I meant at all.
I don't come from here, I'm just visiting.
How do you do it, they asked me to write about it
That barren red planet. Can we do it too?
Too many questions to answer about empty art.
So I leave the known universe for a small time.
Disappear from view, but leave your smile behind.
This room becomes a black hole, and I'm swallowed into gravity.
Stars fight gravity.
Scientists adopted a sober view.
I am a stranger to you, sent from so far away.
Radio signals, coming in all too clearly, pushing me up
To meet the man from beyond.

–Jeremy Schneider

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