Volume 91, Issue 85

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

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Better than you?

Re: Arrogance in dentistry

To the Editor:
I've never been so disrespected in my entire life until last Thursday. Let me tell you about my experience and the experience of my entire histology class. We had a scheduled lab test. It was during our lab period which we have in the same room every Thursday. Well on this day, the room was booked for an important test for the fourth-year dental students. I was in the lab studying with other classmates, when the dental instructors came in to set up for their test. They told us to "get out" in a manner of words. Not an "I'm sorry but you have to leave," but rather a "you WILL leave!"

Yes, I do understand that a fourth-year dentistry test would probably be given priority over a third-year biology lab quiz. That much makes sense to me. My point is that they didn't have to be so rude about it. The attitude that "I'm better than someone else because I'm a dental student" will get you nowhere in life! Even if you do manage to become a dentist.

I was utterly disgusted at the lack of respect shown to the Bio309 class by the faculty of dentistry. It was totally rude and uncalled for. Perhaps an apology should be in order!

Dan Cipriano
Biochem III

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