Volume 91, Issue 85

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

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Danno's tasteless cartoon message

Re: Danno comic, March 5

To the Editor:
Normally I look forward to The Gazette each and every Thursday, as this is when the Comix page is published. I have, for many weeks now, enjoyed most of the comics that The Gazette has published. I realize that some of the comics do not appeal to everyone's taste and that is fine. However, after reading the comic 'Danno' I was shocked that such a message would be published. I understand that there are many negative stereotypes concerning "Trailer Trash" and that the writer has decided to exaggerate some of them. Yet, the caption which bothered me concerned the two men talking in which the line, "Billy-Bob junior, go beat up your ma, and 'tel 'er to fetch me my shotgun," was somewhat disgusting to read. We live in a society in which violence against women is a serious problem. Yet, The Gazette has decided that it is okay to publish articles which joke about this matter. I am not throwing up the censorship flag, I just don't believe that such a serious issue is something that should be joked about. Hopefully, a little more taste will be used when such sensitive issues are presented in the future.

M. Oyston
Kinesiology I

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