Volume 91, Issue 86

Thursday, March 12, 1998

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Get a real job! New resources aid youth job search

By Sabrina Carinci
Gazette Staff

Youth in Ontario now have a new resource at their fingertips when it comes to looking for work.

This summer, the Ministry of Education is teaming up with the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism and the Ministry of Finance to train and employ Ontario's youth.

Last week, the Ministry of Education introduced the Youth Opportunities Ontario Strategy, which joins five employment resources to support the promotion of job creation for young people.

Job Connect, Ontario Summer Jobs, the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship program, the Young Entrepreneurs program and the Graduate Transitions Tax Credit program, will now operate under the umbrella of the Youth Opportunities Strategy in hopes of improving access to these resources, said David Raymont, public affairs officer at the Ministry of Education.

"The Youth Opportunities Ontario Strategy is a one-stop access to everything," Raymont said. "There's no point in having all these resources if they're too hard or confusing to access."

By calling one hotline or visiting the Web site at www.youthjobs.gov.on.ca, Ontario's youth can access the various job opportunity resources which were previously managed by separate ministries.

The various government services can help students find a job, start a business or even give free access to résumé writing courses. The Ontario Summer Jobs program helped 47,160 students find summer jobs in 1997, a number higher than expected, Raymont said.

Adriane Moisan, an intern relations assistant at Career Edge, a national youth internship program, said finding jobs for graduates and non-graduates is necessary in order to keep the economy running smoothly.

"The government has been doing a lot for the youth," she said. "It helps to create jobs when the economy is doing well."

Sharon Lee, coordinator of employment services at the Student Development Centre at Western, said although there are various places students can turn to find summer jobs, Western students are fortunate to have resources such as the Internet Employment Café.

The Web site receives approximately 15,000 hits a day and has postings for jobs all over the world.

The café is a unique service which is operated and funded by Western students and is therefore targeted to the Western family only, Lee said. "We're opening the window of opportunity a bit wider for our students."

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