Volume 91, Issue 86

Thursday, March 12, 1998

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Missed the bus

Re: CATCSH advertisement for Ottawa Rally, March 10

To the Editor:
CATCSH – Canadians Against the Commercial Seal Hunt, whose ad appeared on the back page of The Gazette, has the solution! They've solved Newfoundland unemployment in one fell swoop. Egads! I never realized the solution was so simple. Instead of the commercial seal hunt, CATCSH says that "Newfoundlanders deserve real jobs." That's telling 'em!

CATCSH knows best – let's help out those poor Newfoundlanders. That's great: it's worked so well in the past. It worked when Canada put all its natives on reserves and it worked again when Canada forced Japanese Canadians off the West Coast. CATCSH says the Newfoundlanders need respectful jobs because it's so humiliating to be a seal hunter. Let's give 'em better jobs with our tax dollars, like Hibernia where special survival suits were designed just for the helicopter ride to the drilling platform and where the Ocean Ranger disaster echoes daily. Or throw 'em in a mine. Or better yet, give them suburbia and an office job as a civil servant. Or maybe they can work for CATCSH, since it seems to know what Newfoundlanders need.

Jump on the veritable bandwagon with all the artists, entertainers and public figures – and don't forget to check out the vacant list of trained ecologists, environmentalists and other scientists already on that bandwagon. Studying their own inflated statistics and facts, CATCSH has failed to realize that Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) no longer oppose the seal hunt.

If you go to Ottawa for the rally, don't be surprised if you're lonely: CATCSH has missed the bus.

Owen Charters
Hon. English IV

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