Volume 91, Issue 86

Thursday, March 12, 1998

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On the other side

Re: Get a job, you bum and Pay your own way, March 5

To the Editor:
In regards to C. McIntosh's rambling about his shovel and credit, I have one comment: I certainly hope Mr. McIntosh gets a job this summer because according to him if he doesn't make enough money for school he should not be allowed to get any financial assistance regardless of the fact that everyone has the right to higher education despite their economic status.

With regard to Tracey Johnson's comments about having her tax dollars paying other students' debt, I have some comments to add. Tracey, do you have any idea where tax dollars go? They primarily go to paying for foreign debt, infrastructure and social programs. What you should be complaining about is not wanting to pay for the government debts if funds are misused. One other thing, where did you get this fact "the majority of the students that are in debt are not working...etc..etc..?" As a biologist, I would think you would want to get the facts and not make them up!

Duke Nguyen
Biology IV

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