Volume 91, Issue 86

Thursday, March 12, 1998

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Dentistry not the one to blame

Re: Better than you?, March 11

To the Editor:
Dan Cipriano appears to be the victim of ignorance rather than a victim of the 'arrogance' of dentistry that he claims, so I would like to reply to his letter so he may feel less disrespected than he already does.

1. The SCHOOL of dentistry (not FACULTY of dentistry – there was a merger last year between dentistry and medicine such that there is now a combined faculty with separate schools) has only five full-time instructors and a number of part-time instructors and none of these people have anything to do with setting up for a test in the room that you should not have been in. Instructors from various departments (physiology, pathology, pharmacology, anatomy, histology, etc.) teach both the professional and non-professional undergraduate students that take these subjects. We do not get special instructors to teach us differently than what is taught to you. If you were disrespected, it was by the instructors from the course that was setting up the test, NOT by the school of dentistry.

2. How do you arrive with the statement that "I'm better than someone else because I'm a dental student?" Did I say this to you? Did any dental student say this to you? Apparently not. Do not accuse dental students of saying something we did not. I would expect an apology from YOU to the students of dentistry for slandering us publicly in The Gazette by accusing us of such a statement.

I am sorry you felt so disrespected. I know what it feels like, because the same thing has happened to me. However, I keep it on a personal level – I tend to think it is the individual who is being rude and disrespectful, not the body they represent (or that I THINK they represent). I would not accuse the students they teach of being arrogant.

I sincerely hope this may help you from feeling so disrespected in the future.

Victor Daveikis
Dentistry III

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