Volume 91, Issue 87

Friday, March 13, 1998

Bottoms up


Lazo is painting another worldy lecture

The third installment of the visual arts lecture series is coming in the form of Peruvian painter Alvaro Lazo on March 16. He will be riding a wave of enthusiasm generated by the two speakers before him.

"[They] had two very good turnouts for the lectures," comments event organizer Ralph Giovinazzo on the success of poet Nick Vladulescu and Indian art guru Sehdeu Kumar, adding " Kumar was particularly happy."

Alvaro Lazo and Giovinazzo both attended The New York Studio and have grown immeasurably from the experience.

"[Lazo] will speak about his experience as an artist in New York and the function of the studio," Giovinazzo explains.

"There will be a discussion of the traditional European studio, The North American studio where everything was just blown out of proportion and more specific ideas like the role of the loft in New York," Giovinazzo explains.

"New York is a mecca for art. It helped me so much I'll probably go back. New York gives you the insight into how everything is coming," Giovinazzo states, before a well placed pause.

"Many believe it's the capital of the world, it's more an international than American city," he summarizes.

To catch Lazo and Giovinazzo with Indian painter Gita Sharma Goyal, you'll have to trek to Guelph, where they'll be presenting their work at Studio 100. So for those with a nose for good art and a car, the opening reception will run from 3-5 p.m., with all three artists present.
–Mark Lewandowski

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