Volume 91, Issue 87

Friday, March 13, 1998

Bottoms up


Bringing musical peace to civilization

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By Dan Yurman
Gazette Staff

Take the funky sound of disco, add some jazz, a little bit of trance and spice it up with a pinch of heavy metal – and what do you have? Three Minutes of Peace, the world's self-proclaimed heaviest funk band. A full touring schedule, along with their debut CD, Finally, being released in select stores, shows this trio has found the recipe for success and are running with it.

Three Minutes of Peace is the creation of guitarist/vocalist Mike Butler, his brother Kevin (bassist) and "master of the beats" Jesse MacKay. The band originated during the members' days at Niagara District High School, where Jesse and Mike met in the music department and began jamming together along with Kevin. These jam sessions lasted throughout their high school careers and into their post-secondary careers, when Mike and Jesse enrolled in the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College and Kevin went to Western to study kinesiology.

The distinct sound of the band is a mixture of a number of influences ranging from Motley CrŸe to Miles Davis to Ani DiFranco. The band's original name comes from what Mike refers to as "a theory that during the history of civilization, there has only been a cumulative total of three minutes where the entire world has been at peace."

Three Minutes of Peace began its recording career by mixing beats over the Dr. Seuss story "I Can Lick Thirty Tigers Today," but were unable to include the track on the CD due to copyright laws. The band overcame the doctor by putting out a debut CD of totally original music and lyrics, which Mike says are "just ideas that we've been working on that we bring up in practice and the three of us'll jam until something comes together that we like."

Even though the band is relatively new, they are already organized like a veteran group, publishing a newsletter entitled Disco Biscuits.

Sent out to those who sign the band's mailing list, the newsletter informs their fans of any information pertaining to the band, including upcoming shows and places to buy their CDs. They have also secured management, as Mike's roommate Andrew Searle, who originally was approached by the band to help them get gigs, created the Farmacy Artist Management Company and signed them on as clients.

Londoners can find Three Minutes of Peace tomorrow at the Whippet Lounge.

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