Volume 91, Issue 87

Friday, March 13, 1998

Bottoms up


Life after English?

Are you an English student? Do you spend your days typing essays and paper cutting your hands on onion-skin paper? If you are, then you have a bright financial future – possibly making as much as some philosophers, or even poets.

If you're as scared as you should be, don't cry just yet. There is hope. Each week in the month of March, the Department of English will be hosting a guest lecturer as part of a series entitled Life After English.

The aim of the series is to show English undergraduates some interesting career possibilities. Most students in English tend to think of teaching and graduate studies as their only options. This series of guests is designed to highlight some of the other alternatives.

Chris Pannell, the first speaker, will discuss the success he has had as a technical writer for Dofasco. He will also discuss the valuable commodities of an English degree, which have helped make him an asset to his field.

Kerry Breeze, a graduate of Western's English program, will be here March 16 to discuss her job at a publishing company and another Western English grad, Peggy Roffey, will be here March 24 to discuss her position at St. Joseph's Hospital.

These lectures are important for all interested in getting a job after school and should not be missed.

–Mark Lewandowski

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