Volume 91, Issue 87

Friday, March 13, 1998

Bottoms up


Hitting the Post

By Clare Elias
Gazette Staff

"Make the public think I'm weird or crazy, just make sure they know I like the music of today," orders Dan Frechette, lead singer of Post '76. A misquote in an interview with another paper which said he doesn't listen to any music post-1976 has set Frechette on a mission to rid himself of this stigma.

"I have my Chemical Brothers, U2 and Radiohead," declares Frechette. Having grown up with Paul Simon and The Beatles only widens the boundaries of his sound. Of course, Post '76 can not escape being categorized and his music has often been compared to Neil Young. Being born in the same town as Young, he was influenced by similar vibes. "It's really sad I can't get away from the Neil Young label – I'm not borrowing from anyone."

The band is experimenting with new sounds and widening their style, incorporating ska-punk groove and alternative rock. The integration of melodious rhythms are important to the band, but most essential to Post '76 is its orientation towards songwriting. "I need to just sit down and focus. I need to hear what's going on in my head." Frechette avows that this is where his influences are drawn. The singer refuses to write when every line is forced. It must be inspired.

Functioning on a few Ritz crackers, the Manitoban singer proceeds to discuss his transition to Toronto. "The life [in Manitoba] is quiet and sheltered, but it brings out a happier groove and a quiet acoustic beat which doesn't happen in the crowded streets of Toronto," explains Frechette. The songs that have emerged from his time in Toronto have a weirder style, almost death-like.

Enjoyment for this musician comes from playing live and seeing the audience appreciate his music. "It's ironic in a way, because they're enjoying themselves at the expense of my misery." However, his music isn't all angst-ridden – some crosses the line between good and evil.

Post '76 plays The Embassy tonight.

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