Volume 91, Issue 87

Friday, March 13, 1998

Bottoms up


Quirks and Smirks

Quirks and Smirks explores the opinions of you – the all-knowing students of Western. Every now and again we explore the campus to discuss a news issue and find out what students think about it. Today's question is about Jean Charest's political future.

Do you think Jean Charest should leave the Conservatives and become the Liberal Party leader in Quebec?

"No, because I don't think he'll have as profound of an impact on Quebec as Bouchard does. [Charest] will just be the same guy in a different jacket."
–Dan McConnell, Engineering III

"No. How could he ever claim to have party loyalty if he jumps from one party to another?"
–Jeff Mayhew, Engineering II

"Well, he's not really switching sides because he is still trying to keep Quebec in the country, but I still don't think he should do it."
–Martin Boersena, Engineering III

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