Volume 91, Issue 88

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

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Windsor student assaulted

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

Criminal charges have been laid against a 24-year-old St. Clair College student after a violent confrontation with a University of Windsor student regarding a noise complaint.

The incident occurred early yesterday morning when Roger Mansingh, 22, a first-year psychology student at Windsor, was beaten in the head with a baseball bat by college student Tyrone Elliott.

Mansingh is currently in serious condition in the intensive care unit of the Hotel Dieu Grace hospital following emergency surgery.

Elliott, a member of St. Clair College's basketball team, has been charged with aggravated assault, said Detective Pat Sinnott of the Windsor Police Department.

The incident occurred at 331 Bridge Street, where Mansingh lives in a basement apartment. Although the two males had never met before, Elliott's girlfriend lives on the main floor apartment and Elliott was visiting her at the time.

Trudy Dookhan, Mansingh's girlfriend, said she and Mansingh had just returned from a school dance and were getting ready to go to bed when the assault occurred.

Dookhan said that a great deal of noise was coming from upstairs where Elliott and his girlfriend had been doing drugs. Mansingh went upstairs to ask them to keep it down but was met with screaming and abusive language. Elliott's girlfriend then handed Elliott a baseball bat and he threatened Mansingh with it, Dookhan said.

"Roger told Elliott to put down the bat and fight him like a man, but as he said it Elliott ran towards him and hit him in the head with the bat."

When police arrived at the scene Mansingh's body was found lying unconscious on the floor near the front door and he was then rushed to hospital.

Mansingh's father Randy, of Scarborough, said last night that right now all he can think about is the health of his son, who only regained consciousness last evening at around 6 p.m..

"The only thing that is important right now is Rog," he said, obviously shaken by the incident. "Lawyers and charges will come later, right now Roger is the family's number-one concern."

Elliott was in police custody earlier yesterday for questioning and could not be reached for comment. His girlfriend reportedly quickly moved out of the apartment yesterday, not informing anyone of her destination.

Elliott will be in a Windsor court for a preliminary hearing in two weeks, Sinnott said.

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