Volume 91, Issue 88

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

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Not enough time for SOGS president

By Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

For the second time in two years, the Society of Graduate Students has witnessed the resignation of their president.

Helen Roos, current SOGS president, has resigned effective immediately due to time constraints. Current VP-academic Lisa Griffin will automatically take over her position until May 1 when the new executive is voted in. In the fall of 1996, SOGS witnessed the resignation of president Geoffrey Gladdy due to discontent within the organization.

"My decision to leave was well excepted by everyone [at SOGS] and was simply due to time constraints," Roos said. She explained she needs extra time right now to finish her thesis as a masters in history student and has also taken on a new job that requires full-time hours.

Roos described her resignation as a win-win situation for everyone at SOGS because it creates an opportunity for those who are currently running for the presidential position to take on more responsibility. She explained her situation was not at all like Gladdy's was. "There is no hostility or bad feelings about it, it was time for me to move on and time for new leadership," she said.

Acting President Griffin, who is a PhD student in neuroscience, is also currently running for the SOGS presidential position and said she already has some experience under her belt to prepare herself for the top office job. "I've filled in for Helen before, so it shouldn't be a problem."

Roos said the entire executive agreed on her resignation at the SOGS general meeting last Thursday, when their annual budget was passed. She added as a council, SOGS had a successful year and accomplished everything they set out to do. "SOGS is in great shape right now and will continue to be."

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