Volume 91, Issue 88

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

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Talking the talk

Re: Bountiful budget, March 13

To the Editor:
Nawaz Tahir of the Young Liberals Club is downright bubbly about the supposedly wonderful measures taken by the Liberal Government to help students. Mr. Tahir marvels at how the finance minister actually spent close to half his budget speech talking about the concerns of Canadian youth. Wow, Finance Minister Paul Martin "spoke" about the problem of student debt – my OSAP loan is feeling smaller already!

Looking further than Martin's prodigious application of hot air, unless Mr. Tahir is among the lucky six per cent of Canadian students to be given money under the Millennium Scholarship fund he won't see a single penny from the budget. With debt loads averaging $20,000, a grant of $3,000 to six per cent of Canada's students doesn't exactly go a long way in addressing the problem.

Mr. Tahir's warm Liberal fuzzies continued on the issue of the Canada Pension Plan. Thanks to the Liberals having raised the payroll taxes used for the CPP a stunning 73 per cent, the average Canadian worker will soon be paying $1,635 each year, matched by another $1,635 from the employer. All this to receive a pathetic $8,800 a year when the worker retires! At this rate of return, both Mr. Tahir and myself will receive a pitiful two per cent return on our money when we retire and begin collecting CPP. To any investment-minded person, a two per cent rate of interest is grim to say the least.

It's not raining gummy bears from Ottawa yet Mr. Tahir – far from it. You can tow the party line all you like, but Canadian students deserve better solutions than the Millennium Fund joke and the CPP rip-off.

Ray Novak
UWO Reform Club

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