Volume 91, Issue 88

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

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Re: Unjust punishment

To the Editor:
As a child, I was fortunate enough to be raised in a country in the Middle East. Dubai is an emirate in the UAE, a small oil rich country not far from Kuwait. While there, I met many friends, some Canadian and some of other nationalities. For years, I had an acquaintance from Montreal by the name of Ryan Mahoney. I was sent to boarding school, while he remained there to finish his education. In 1995, he was arrested for selling drugs to an under-cover police officer. Since then, he has been imprisoned and sentenced to death and my latest correspondence with my parents who still reside there indicate he will soon pay the ultimate price.

Now, the facts behind this entire situation are unbelievable. First off, the method by which the local police were able to catch Ryan would be considered entrapment in Canada. He was asked to transport and deliver a small amount of hash and heroin by a member of the local under-cover police. Once arrested, his residence was immediately searched without the completion of any legal formalities. In the end, he was busted with 4.5 grams of heroin and 0.63 grams of hash. I don't know the street value of heroin, but I spend more on coffee in a week than the hash was worth. My best estimate is maybe $300 worth of drugs.

I have developed some respect for the government there. They have managed to build a modern metropolis. They have done very well for themselves, although they have no idea of what humane treatment is. Ryan Mahoney will soon be put to death by hanging for a crime that might even be dismissed in Canada. How are they able to put a Canadian citizen to death? What is our government doing about this? Nothing. Has our media covered the story in an effort to raise public awareness? No. A good friend of mine, a friend who was the goalie for my grade 9 hockey team, will die, and will be given no help by anyone in his homeland.

We are good people. Canadians are peace-keepers and aide-givers. Why then does some small country believe they have the right to kill one of our citizens in an inhumane fashion? What is the government's hidden agenda in allowing this to occur? Why has the media ignored this case? I am asking all those who are disgusted by this event to write to their local MP and request action on this topic. With any luck, maybe we can raise awareness and stop this crime.

Tyron Edgerly

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