Volume 91, Issue 88

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

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Re: She don't eat meat, March 12

To the Editor:
In regards to the She Don't Eat Meat comic strip that appeared in the March 12 edition of The Gazette, I would like to say that the artist, Mr. Stephen Echavia, should be tarred and/or feathered for his naughty dialogue.

This is the kind of comic I would expect to find appearing in Playboy, not that I have seen many Playboy comics – I mean it's not like I have a subscription or anything. Anyway, I'm not the one on trial here, it is Mr. Echavia who is on trial and I find him guilty of trying to pervert the minds of the entire student population. All his talk about "choking Charlie" and "assault on a friendly weapon in public" – whatever happened to comics about wise-cracking, yet loveable cats? Perhaps it is for the best that Mr. Echavia is not drawing cats – who knows what he would have them doing.

Allen Gaynor
Social Science I

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