Volume 91, Issue 89

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

Leave it to Weaver


Don't embarrass us

Re: Obnoxious behavior

To the Editor:
This letter is regarding the embarrassing actions of a Western student at the University of Waterloo's Bombshelter Pub on Friday, March 13. The male student, who was visiting friends in Waterloo, became upset when he learned that the bar was closing at 1 a.m. instead of 2 a.m.. Upon hearing this, he began to harass the door staff about why this was happening. The staff informed him that since it was a slow night, we close early. Somehow, he didn't understand this and asked over and over trying to grasp the concept.

Unfortunately, this person did not like this explanation and asked again and again why I had such a "bad policy." First, it is not MY policy, just one that I enforce. Second, it is a smart policy. Since the Bombshelter is a campus pub run by our Federation of Students, there's no sense wasting student fees staying open and losing money. This person then told me he works at the UWO bar (this makes him an expert, of course) and that we shouldn't run our bar like this. This isn't Western, I told him and he replied, "You're right. Look around... this ISN'T Western." Then he threatened to write about this in the Western student paper. Ooohhh – not that, please don't write about me! All that will do is give my friends at Western an excuse to call me and see what's up.

By now, I had about as much of talking to this brick wall as I could take. He wasn't going to give up and was starting to yammer about the $2 cover charge he had to pay when he came in. I told him that there was nothing more I could do and that he could either let me get back to work or I could have my staff show him to the door. He chose to stay and that was fine.

Now it gets embarrassing. Near the end of the night he began yelling at the DJ to "turn off the shitty music" (it was country night – not the most popular, but 60 people or so were enjoying it). This was when my staff approached him and asked him to leave. Verbal abuse of Bombshelter staff is not something we put up with. Getting up from his table, one of his friends purposely dropped a glass on the floor and broke it. That's pretty mature. On his way out, he yelled insults at us and, just as he got to the door, he turned and waved good-bye to us with his middle finger. What a class act.

It is unfortunate for all the rest of the Western students who were represented by this one individual. I would hope that if anyone from Waterloo went to Western's bar, they wouldn't act like such a prick. I never found out this person's name, but that's probably just as well. If I acted like such an idiot over spending one more hour at a bar that was playing shitty music anyway, I wouldn't want anyone to know.

Scott McKay
Bombshelter Supervisor

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