Volume 91, Issue 89

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

Leave it to Weaver


The friendly dentist

Re: Better than you?, March 11

To the Editor:
According to Cipriano, I am one of those fourth-year dental students who will get nowhere in life because I have the attitude, "I'm better than someone else."

This presumptuous statement does not make any sense to me and I take personal offense to it. I am sorry if you were disgusted by the lack of respect shown to your class but how can you prematurely label us arrogant and judge us when we were just innocently standing outside Rm. M449 waiting for you guys to vacate the room. I'm sure my fellow classmates will agree with me when I make the claim that the thought "we're better than you" did not even enter our minds.

I do not know what words were exchanged in Rm. M449, but all I know is that we fourth-year dental students were not involved in this incident. I am not expecting an apology from you, Cipriano, because I understand your comments were motivated by ignorance and anger, but I do ask that you get your facts straight before you conjure up a warped image of us and make generalizations that are hurtful and damaging to our profession. I would also like to emphasize that, contrary to your belief, we fourth-year dental students will get somewhere in life, not because we are going to be dentists, but because we are a nice group of people.

Grace Chun
Dentistry IV

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