Volume 91, Issue 90

Thursday, March 19, 1998

Howe 'bout it


Part of the game

Re: Poor sportsmanship of King's College intramural ice hockey team

To the Editor:
As "quasi" coach of the intramural ice hockey team Les Pilons, I would like to congratulate several members of the King's College intramural ice hockey team on being the poorest examples of sportsmen I have ever seen. As the powers above have decided, this year the playoffs for the intramural leagues (Competitive Hit and Super) have been amalgamated, forcing the "lowly" Competitive teams to face the Super League teams in playoff matches.

Having put together a good group of guys, Les Pilons have managed to make it into the finals after defeating the King's team, made up heavily of Varsity team cuts. Unfortunately, though Les Pilons (and most other teams we have faced this season) are in this league for the love of hockey, the King's College team have taken it upon themselves to be the "enforcers" of the league. In my many years as an official, never have I seen such blatant attempts at injuring another team of players. Whether it was their constant butt-ends, knees, hits from behind or "runs" at our goaltender, in just two games the King's College team caused more injuries to our players than throughout the entire season. Certainly the fact these are the playoffs warrants harder play than usual from all teams, however, this by no means gives carte blanche to anyone to attempt to injure another player.

In closing, I'd like to thank the King's team for helping us beat them in the semis. You'd think by now professional hockey players like yourselves would know that you can't win a game from the penalty box.

Tom Comeau
C.A.H.A. Level III Referee
C.A.H.A. Level II Coach
Kinesiology IV

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