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Friday, March 20, 1998

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Doin' it for themselves

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By Mark Lewandowski
Gazette Staff

If Sister Someone exemplifies current trends and ideas in the music industry then there is definitely hope. The London band has recently released their second album less then two years after their debut, due to a "large style change," says Sister vocalist Mo.

"Our style changed quite a bit, from dark and disturbed to what we like to call 'carbonated pop'," continues Mo. But don't mistake this transition as a shot at the 'big time,' because it merely reflects the current attitude of the band.

"Basically, good things have been happening for us and we are very happy now," Mo exudes, before adding, "we feel like a big happy family." The whole feel around the band is very positive and this freshness is manifested in the band's new album Luvsilly and in their live shows.

"We've mainly done a lot of playing in Southern Ontario, but the rest of Canada and the States are a definite focus," explains Mo. The band has already experienced a small measure of success with interest from a Canadian label and a quite peculiar music reviewer.

"Midwest Music Review saw us on the Web and we sent them a CD," comments Mo, on Sister being the only Canadian band to ever make the listing. "It doesn't seem very credible." So either this review is half-assed or the band has something special; both Mo and Eric insist on the latter.

The band received another shot in the arm when Universal Records responded to one of the promo packages, only the third they sent out, which leads one to wonder if it is always this easy for up-and-comers.

"It seems like we haven't done a lot of work but we have," Mo says, adding, "we love it and want to do it." A touch cliché but one can tell that these guys really mean it.

"[The] cool thing is that our interests are diverse. If I write a song our guitarist [Joel] can say it's crap and that's fine," Mo states. This is one of the formulas that is helping Sister Someone gain recognition among the people of the community which is one of the band's goals.

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