Volume 91, Issue 91

Friday, March 20, 1998

Lynn and Tonic


New bands battle it out

By Clare Elias
Gazette Staff

The Spoke is sure to provide some explosive entertainment tonight as a crop of fresh new bands battle it out.

Seven local bands, including some recognizable Western faces, will be playing in the Campus New Music Explosion; a competition which will take the winning musicians to a larger battle at York University. It's a chance for up-and-coming musicians to have an opportunity to be heard by major labels in Toronto.

The Spoke's competition will reward songwriting, musicianship and structure of tunes. Pete Stranbridge, manager of Entertainment Productions, realizes the judging will be subjective, however "each judge has paid their dues in the music industry, bringing in different ears in the decision making process."

The event is an innovative format for the display of new musical talent where the bands learn the ropes of self-promotion, while gaining valuable exposure.

The bands performing tonight come from every position on the musical spectrum. "They're all over the map, including surf-punk to folky acoustic sounds to straight rock bands," explains Stanbridge.

The Spoke is trying original ideas in an attempt to cope with the changing trends and attitudes of students. "For Friday nights, people can't justify spending money for a cover charge," says Stranbridge.

Looking back over the years, he remarks there has been a decline in people's experimental drive. This decline reflects the surfacing crowds of approximately 150 people for concerts, even for major names. But despite witnessing a profitable year for this campus pub, Stanbridge feels a need to look for different ways to attract more people.

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