Volume 91, Issue 91

Friday, March 20, 1998

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Restoring Canadian content: CIAU magazine to hit campuses this fall

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

Organizers are hoping that a national sports magazine, slated to hit news stands this fall, will increase both excitement and interest in Canadian university sports.

Chris Stewart, the sports information officer at Queen's University, initiated the Canadian University Sports magazine in December and quickly received CIAU approval on his project's proposal by early January.

The magazine will be a free, monthly 72-80 page publication distributed to all Canadian campuses and filled with stories about a broad range of sporting events from across the country. Stewart and his two partners, Jeff Yasinchuk and Ron Tite, feel that the magazine has a great potential to bring back the excitement that once surrounded CIAU sports.

"We hope the project will put people back in the stands and create interest once again in Canadian university sports," Stewart said. "One day it struck me that even as someone in the business, I knew nothing about what was happening in sports out West. A project like this has not been done but I feel it's needed."

The magazine will be completely funded by advertising, which Stewart said has already been met with a great response. It will be written by editors and reporters from campus papers across the country, making the project an educational tool for aspiring journalists, as well as a resource for fans.

"In addition to stories about big games and stats, the magazine will try to find interesting human interest stories," Stewart said, adding that the magazine would stress the need for equality in both sport and gender representation.

The CIAU's Director of Marketing, John McConachie, said the program's success, although tough to gauge in its early stages of development, appears to have the legs to be a highly successful venture. "It is tough to get a pulse on Canadian campuses, but the initial plan looks great," he said.

The last national CIAU sports related publication existed in 1974. The Starting Line-Up was a tabloid published out of Brock, that featured CIAU basketball, beginning in the 1974-75 season and lasting into the early '80's.

Peter Barnsley, now an administrator with the OUA, was involved with the paper in the late '70s and said that in order for this new publication to be successful, effective financing will be needed.

"Proper financing and advertising will be the key to success, or at least the key in keeping the project afloat," Barnsley said. "Although Starting Line-Up wasn't a financial success, it did do a great job in promoting the CIAU. This project is sure to do much of the same."

The first issue of Canadian University Sports is expected to hit campuses on Aug. 20, with a preview of the CIAU football season as the proposed first feature.

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