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Wednesday, March 25, 1998




Dream Warriors
Anthology: A Decade of Hits 1988-1998
BeatFactory Music

Capital Q and Lu are back as Canada's solution to a threefold problem that occurred in the late '80s. The problem? While American rap and hip hop saturated the market, the hip hop being created in Canada was generally unoriginal. In addition, there was a lack of West Indian representation in a country boasting diverse multiculturalism.

Based out of Toronto, Lu and Q took on the ominous task of showing the world that Canada could throw down on an international scale. Their method was simple: create original jams. The tools they used were unconventional: jazz and hip hop stylings with a distinct West Indian flavour.

The group was called the Dream Warriors and the year of its conception was 1988. Their first album yielded them a Top-10 hit, a Juno and gold sales. A decade later, they have released a 17-track documentary of their creative energy, style and perseverance, entitled: Anthology: A Decade Of Hits 1988-1998.

The compilation is mainly composed of the Dream Warrior's greatest hits, favourite tracks and re-mixes. In addition, two new jams are included on this album: "U Ready" and "dreamwarriors.com." A track called "I've Lost My Ignorance" featuring Gangstarr, previously only available on the Rebirth Of Cool compilation, is also contained on this release.

Although an anthology rarely reveals anything new for fans, Decade has much to offer. The album illustrates the band's creativity and originality by laying years of innovation side by side. Decade is a documentary about the beginning, progression and future of Canadian hip hop.

–Eric Orticello

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