Volume 91, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 25, 1998



New VPs to lead USC ship

By Brendan Howe
Gazette Staff

Some hung their heads in disappointment, some jumped with joy, some stared in disbelief – the University Students' Council VP elections were held Saturday.

Outgoing 1997/98 councillors as well as incoming 1998/99 councillors voted four students to victory and sealed their fate for the next year, to be part of the USC board of directors. Peter Hill won an extremely tight race over Warren Tilston by four votes with a total of 46 for the position of VP-campus affairs, a new portfolio made up from the board's restructuring.

Hill was quick to congratulate his competitor, however. "I hope he knows that he has touched a number of lives including my own." He attributed the close outcome of the vote to how similar both candidates' personalities are.

Contrasting that race was the fight or lack thereof for the also newly-created VP-education post. Nick Iozzo handily defeated Richard Jenkins by a count of 91-2 and said the decisive vote shows he has a lot of support from his fellow councillors.

The USC's books will be kept in check next year by VP-finance-elect David Small who received 55 votes defeating Jeff Clayman who garnered the support of 18 councillors while Derrick Taub took the bronze with 17 votes.

Small said his major goal for next year will be to take the USC to students in the affiliate colleges, residences and faculties. "It should be our initiative to get out to the students and not theirs to come to us."

Melissa Cousineau found herself the winner of a close race for the VP-student programming position, currently named VP-student affairs. In what had to go to a third ballot, she defeated Abe Prabhakar 47-45. She said she's excited about the year and is confident it will be a good one.

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