Volume 91, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 25, 1998



Castiglione not leaving as politician

By Sandra Dimitrakopoulos
Gazette Staff

As the year winds down and new University Students' Council Board of Directors have been elected, outgoing staff like VP-student issues Sam Castiglione reflect on the past year.

Amidst his usually harrowing schedule, the unshaven and baseball capped Castiglione sat down to discuss what he is proud of, what he hoped would have worked out better and future plans.

Two of the most successful initiatives realized this year with the help of other board members were noted by Castiglione as the Education Party of Canada and the federal budget which had several education aims in its books. "With both the EPC and the federal budget, we can see this year we made an impact on the government with regard to education and education policy."

Although he noted some events, such as the resignation of two gay, lesbian and bisexual issues commissioners, were out of his control, Castiglione said he would have liked to establish a better position for this aspect of his portfolio.

After being a councillor for the previous three years, this outgoing VP-student issues said the experience was good but not what he was used to. "I was happy but it was a different experience."

Castiglione said he believes the board and council worked well together this year although the large amount of travelling he was required to do made it hard to forge very personal relationships – a challenge [VP-elect] Nick Iozzo will have to face as well, he added.

The VP-student issues position has now been broken up into two portfolios – VP-education headed by Iozzo and VP-campus affairs under Peter Hill – a move which Castiglione believes will add to the position individually. "I think it's finally an acknowledgment of the importance of both sides of the portfolio," he said.

A future in politics seems unlikely for Castiglione whose plans include taking the year off before deciding on a masters program in accounting. "I didn't come in a politician and I'm not leaving a politician."

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