Volume 91, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 25, 1998




Police Academy

Last weekend called for non-stop action from the University Police Department, which was busy responding to over 50 occurrences around campus.

A party ended early Thursday night at Medway Hall when police responded to a narcotic report at the residence. Although there were no drugs found, there was an odour of marijuana in one of the rooms and some individuals were given a warning, said Const. Wendy McGowan.

Visual arts students also didn't have much luck on Friday night when an event in the Visual Arts Building was shut down early because alcohol was being served without a liquor licence, McGowan reported.

Later that night at 1 a.m., police responded to a request for assistance from The Spoke when a patron refused to leave. Once police were on the scene, the individual cooperated and left, she said.

Early Sunday morning, police responded to a report of an intoxicated male wandering around Saugeen-Maitland Hall's parking lot who appeared to be intending to drive. McGowan said when police arrived, the individual was sent home in a cab.

Shortly after, at approximately 4 a.m., there was property damage reported at the bus shelter outside the Natural Sciences Building. McGowan said the window of the shelter was kicked out and a nearby bench was damaged, but there are currently no suspects in the incident.

Sunday night, police received a missing persons report from a resident of Medway Hall who was concerned because her roommate had not returned home. The individual was located with assistance from the police.

The Engineering Sciences Building was victim to a break and enter early yesterday morning. There were broken windows as a result of the entry and police would appreciate any information on this incident, McGowan said.

–Sara Marett

A hellmuth of an award

The second annual Hellmuth Awards will be presented today to two Western professors for their achievements in research.

This year two separate awards will be presented. The first, for research in social science and humanity will be presented to philosophy professor Tom Lennon. The second for research in physical biology science goes to earth science professor Bill Fyfe.

The awards will be presented at a public ceremony at 4 p.m. in the 3M Amphitheatre.

–Sarah Van Horn

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