Volume 91, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 25, 1998



Burger anyone?

Re: Starting an FNB chapter in London

To the Editor:
Food that is deemed not to be sellable (day-old bread, bruised fruit and vegetables, dented cans, etc.) is wasted each day by the food industry (restaurants, grocery stores, big supermarkets, cafeterias, etc.) that could be recovered and used to feed those who need it.

Food Not Bombs is a grass roots organization whose loosely connected local chapters are collecting this surplus, otherwise discarded vegetarian food and preparing it to serve free to people in need in public spaces. By doing so, FNB dramatizes the level of hunger in our society and the surplus of food being wasted. FNB also calls attention to the failures of society to support those within it while funding the sources of war and violence. While being a form of non-violent protest against militarism, hunger, poverty and violence, FNB also directly and practically alleviates local hunger by serving free food. Thousands of meals are being served each week by FNB groups all over the world.

I'm interested in trying to start up a chapter of FNB here in London and am currently trying to recruit people who would like to help start and continue this chapter. If you're interested in helping out with this, please get in touch with me by email.

Helen Luu
Kinesiology II/Sociology

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