Volume 91, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 25, 1998



Hug a tree

Re: Lands For Life Process

To the Editor:
As a concerned student at Western, I want to urge (beg) my follow students to get involved. The Lands for Life process is a proposal put forth by the Ontario government that will allocate 45 per cent of Ontario's land (all of it Crown land) to various interest groups. This land belongs to every taxpayer in Ontario and therefore it is our responsibility to care for it. One of the groups that stands to profit from this process, is the logging companies. The government is considering giving (and I mean for free) huge tracts of land to companies that will clear cut the trees. This way of removing trees provides short-term jobs but once the trees are removed, it will be decades before they return.

This isn't just about jobs. The Boreal forest growing there is a very fragile ecosystem that is home to many species of plants and animals. The loss of the forests means the loss of their homes and habitats. I, for one, care very much about what happens to this land. I want those lands and forests to be around for many future generations to enjoy, including mine. I do not want stumps!

In conclusion, I urge my fellow Gazette readers to find out more. There is an open house on March 30 at the London Convention Centre from 2-9 p.m.. If you can, drop by – it would mean a lot to me and to the many other concerned Ontarians. Just a few minutes could make a world of difference to the future of our land.

Yvonne Reitmeier

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