Volume 91, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 25, 1998



Don't deal drugs

Re: Fight the power, March 17

To the Editor:
Tyron Edgerly seems to want justice. What's just? Letting go a small-time drug smuggler just because he's a Canadian and happens to be a personal friend of the writer? Whatever happened to respecting a country's laws? What's the difference between a small-time drug smuggler and a drug baron? By arguing entrapment by the Dubai police, Ryan Mahoney's friend seems to be saying: it's okay to smuggle drugs into a Third World/Middle Eastern country as long as you don't get caught.

I'm sorry, but I can not find it in my heart to sympathize with a person just because he's Canadian stuck in a 'stinkin' Middle Eastern jail. A drug smuggler is a drug smuggler; the Middle Eastern countries have a way of controlling the flow of drugs into their country while the more progressed countries still can not bring themselves to take any strict measures.

Let me ask Tyron just one question: If the person being faced with a death sentence was not a Canadian and a personal friend, would the whole mess have bothered him so much? What if it was a non-white, small-time drug smuggler? Would he have demanded Canadian Media's attention then? Would he have asked to 'fight the power'? If Canadians are peace lovers, then please, respect other people's right to make their own laws and to implement them in the manner they see fit. Too bad if the smuggler who got caught was a Canadian. He was a smuggler in spite of his nationality and his colour.

Amber Fatima Riaz
English II

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