Volume 91, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 25, 1998



Going Broadway at the Wave cabaret

By Neil Malhotra
Gazette Staff

Theatre Western and Purple Patches are presenting Wave at Broadway this week, featuring Western students performing classic showtunes.

"Expect an evening of exciting songs and fun songs. Lots of 'silly', lots of 'sentimental.' It is very Broadway, with choruses, solos and duets. It is way over the top," says Cheryll Harrison, director of the production.

The cabaret show features songs from 17 shows performed over the past 25 years by Purple Patches. "We started by going through all of the past production tapes. We pulled our personal favourites and then had to reduce it even further. We built the show around those songs," continues Harrison.

The cast is composed of Western students and Purple Patches alumni with the exception of Anastasia Hughson. Hughson, along with Michelle Pille, Kathleen Granger, Denise Pelley and Jennifer Thorpe, compose the strong female vocals in the production. They are complemented by Marcus Lundgren, James Quigley and Michael Rubinoff. All of the performers display solid acting and singing skills while soloing or harmonizing with other members of the cast. In addition, all the performers bring a great deal of humour to the stage. The singers are backed by Mark Peterson on piano and Matthew Morton on the drums. The background music helps set the mood and creates a foundation for the singers.

"It's about singing and acting – you must characterize the music. It requires a great deal of talent," exclaims Rubinoff.

The strong effort has paid off with an excellent production which features a 45-minute first set and a 30-minute second set.

Wave at Broadway opened last night at the Wave and tonight will be the final performance. Tickets can be purchased at Infosource or at the door.

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"HERE'S YOUR ORDER, THROW US A QUARTER." A cast of singing Western students bring their harmonics to the Wave tonight.

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