Volume 91, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 25, 1998



USC schedules mix-ups

By Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

What appears to be a lousy excuse for an April fool's joke is actually a typo in the University Students' Council Westernizer.

The date of April 1 is mistakenly printed as being a Tuesday, rather than Wednesday in the calendar part of the handbook. The error means every date in April is off by one day of the week.

James Deans, USC VP-communications, said the mistake was simply an oversight when proofing the publication and was not an April fool's joke. He said he has received many calls from students pointing out the error. "It has been the number-one complaint," he said.

Deans said he was sorry if the mistake inconvenienced anyone as far as scheduling tests or appointments. "At this level of education, however, I would hope that students would be able to deal with a typo."

When proofreading the publication, Deans said he was looking for things like grammar mistakes, not errors in dates. He said the only other mistake in the book was a wrong phone number. "It's a lot of work to put this book together and having two mistakes is not that bad."

The USC distributed approximately 16,000 Westernizers to students in September. Many are complaining that the mistake in April's calendar has caused problems with scheduling tests and exams.

The registrar's office has placed a sign above the April exam schedule posted in their office that warns students of the wrong dates in the Westernizer. Examination coordinator Jackie Patton explained if a student misses a test or exam because of scheduling mistakes, they must take their complaint to their respective faculty.

Ryan Atkinson, a first-year science student, said he had scheduled his April exams incorrectly because of the Westernizer mistake. "Luckily a friend pointed it out to me and I now have my exams scheduled on the right days," he said.

The USC is handing these books out to every first-year student to help orient them, but if they have the wrong dates it's more of a hindrance than a help, he said. "This book is to help students organize their life, but the USC isn't even organized enough to get the dates right."

Deans, however, said he is flattered that students use the Westernizer so religiously that it has thrown off their schedules.

Roxanne Porter, academic affairs officer for the USC, said there is no general policy to deal with the issue of a student missing an exam because of the Westernizer error.

"The professor can, but doesn't have to give a make-up exam – it is up to [him or her] to decide," she said. She added if a student was not granted a make-up exam by a professor, they can appeal the decision to the dean of the faculty.

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