Volume 91, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 25, 1998



Deans soon without a cause

By Brendan Howe
Gazette Staff

As the current University Students' Council vice-presidents are fading to black and the board-elects are getting wired up for next year, VP-communications James Deans looked back on his year.

He said the year was a mix of fun and extremely busy at some points and he is glad he will never have to worry about anyone saying they did a better job than him because his position is being eliminated at the end of this year.

"The advice we get is to take your job seriously and don't take yourself seriously," he said. He explained he did have some regrets though. "I think there were a couple times where I took myself too seriously."

Some highlights from his year included the overhaul of the USC Web site, which he noted was rated the third-best student governance site in the world by a company in the United States.

The second USC awareness week was also a success with almost 2,000 students visiting the booth set up in the University Community Centre atrium during the course of the week, he said.

Also mentioned were the advent of RealAudio for CHRW, having the Westernizer out to students during orientation week as well as distributing opportunity guides for the USC. He said these guides could be more aggressively distributed to students next year as it was passively done this year.

Looking back at the accomplishments of the current board of directors, one thing he was very happy with was the restructuring of VP portfolios for next year. He said he liked being involved in the whole process and believes the USC will increase its interaction with first-year students next year.

One thing Deans found frustrating was that he is performing his job a lot smoother and easier – just in time for the year to end. "Things that would have taken two weeks to do in the first part of your term take two hours now," he said.

As for future plans, Deans said he plans to take a couple days off once out of office and then will figure out what he's going to do. Graduate school is out of the question but pursuing a career in politics is a likely scenario, he said.

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