Volume 91, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 25, 1998



What's that you say?

Re: The government has been listening

To the Editor:
A common criticism of the Ontario Progressive Conservative government has been that they're just not listening. Opponents claim the government ignores the public, avoids the Legislature and has been making decisions in an arbitrary manner. This is simply not true.

The fact is the government has been listening. Some of the government's most hotly debated legislation spent extensive amounts of time in the committee stage. The "Education Quality Improvement Act" spent over 60 hours in committee and heard from 210 witnesses, the "Fewer School Boards Act" was in committee for over 81 hours and heard from 377 witnesses and the "The City of Toronto Act" was in committee for almost 110 hours and heard from 532 witnesses. This is clearly not a government that has failed to consult the public. The opportunity to voice our opinion is there and the PC government has proven they do want to hear from us.

Critics claim the government has been avoiding the Legislature even though the facts indicate otherwise. In comparison to the two previous governments, the current government has an impressive record. In its first session the Liberal government sat for 156 days and spent an average of 1.3 sessional days debating each bill. The NDP government sat for a mere 122 days in its first session and debated each bill for an average of 1.4 sessional days. On the other hand, the PC government sat for 244 days in its first session and spent an average of 3.2 days debating each public bill. These numbers demonstrate that this government is using the Legislature more effectively than the previous two.

We, the citizens of Ontario, have every right to monitor the actions of our government, however, it is important to know the facts. Contrary to the rhetoric of its opponents, the facts indicate that this PC government has consulted the public, has used the Legislature effectively and does listen.
Michael Werenich
Director Of Election

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