Volume 91, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 25, 1998



Violence unacceptable

Re: No fun in abuse, March 19

To the Editor:
I don't care if people think the comic sucks or if they have any other negative comments about it, but your constant misinterpretation of a certain comic has finally prompted my attention. I am totally against violence; violence against women; against anybody else. The very idea of beating a woman is just plain wrong.

The comic in question depicts two disgusting men who are low-lives and scum. It shows that because this man beats his wife, it's funny. Funny in the sense that you would have to be scum like him to even think of beating your wife. This is what is portrayed by this comic, the very idea that beating one's spouse is so entirely pathetic and is the action of sleaze, that even thinking of the idea would be funny and hence the idea itself is pathetic; pathetic because it's wrong.

So, in your words, "Are we to assume that it is funny when a man beats his wife? Or when a father beats his children? Or when a man rapes a woman?" The answer is still NO.

Violence is never right. People tackle this issue in different ways; depending on their mode; some serious and some, like in my case, in a less serious tone. The comic is my medium and I handle the issue with a bit of humour. Thanks for stating your concerns.
Huan Tran
Science II

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