Volume 91, Issue 94

Thursday, March 26, 1998

Belushi goes west


No Yankee advice

Re: To cure the sick, March 19

To the Editor:
I sat down for lunch and had a look at my student newspaper. While I read the letter from Alfred Lemmo I was amazed that his understanding of the euthanasia issue was vastly different than mine. I sought solace in the fact that Alfred is from south of the border. Although I think it a tad dangerous for Canadians to really piss the Americans off, all Yankee opinions which find their way north should be taken in context.

I am writing to inform you that Alfred made a mistake. He ended his bold statement by saying "the Dutch now fear entering their own hospitals..." This is simply not true. I doubt you could find one unifying Dutch fear. The beauty of the Netherlands is the diversity of thought.

I have family in Holland, on both sides of the euthanasia concern. I can't comment on how things are going right now, however, I assure you the Dutch are not taking advice on the important questions of life from the Americans.
Timothy van Bodegom
Sociology III

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