Volume 91, Issue 94

Thursday, March 26, 1998

Belushi goes west


Country Club U

Re: Western's snotty reputation

To the Editor:
I'm writing today because as much as I love this school I have a problem with it. To summarize my issue in three words: high maintenance girls. I'm sick and tired of hearing about how all the girls from Western have uppity attitudes. It used to be that I only heard it from friends at different universities but now my girl friends from this school are agreeing with them. The reputation of this school has declined greatly in the past few years and I think it's because of these ladies.

A story I heard recently from a close friend was a perfect example of the attitude many women at this school have developed. She was attending a frat keg party where she was approached by three girls, all smiling and "hee hee heeing" around. They introduced themselves nicely and asked what sorority my friend was from. My friend, attending this party with another friend who was in the frat said, "I'm not from a sorority." Now this is something you really shouldn't say to the typical high maintenance girls I am talking about. Their attitude in response, "Why are you here then? This is for frat and sorority people!" Dirty looks and verbal assaults ensued, ending only once my friend had left the party. I'm not trying to put down sororities or frats, this just happened to be a good example of the attitudes that have been developed by some of the bitches at this school.

Style is one thing, the attitude that comes with it is another. I'm sure there are a lot of other girls and guys who are sick of hearing exactly the same type of stories and complaints from friends as me. If you are one of those pretty ladies with that attitude "screw you I wear Calvin Klein and Tommy Hillfiger" bull, smarten up. People have worked hard to improve the reputation of this school. You ladies should take a course in obedience school.
Psychology II

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