Volume 91, Issue 94

Thursday, March 26, 1998

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Re: Western's entrance criteria to change, March 24

To the Editor:
I am appalled that the first year class for next year has been increased to 4,250 from the 3,750 recommended by the university's strategic plan. Western's Registrar, Roma Harris, claims that "a certain number of students are needed to support academic programs." These academic programs better be producing graduates who are well on the way to eliminating world poverty and producing solar power on a large scale; unless they are, it is hard to imagine how she justifies reducing the quality of education for the entire student population to "support" them.

Harris might argue that it is the onus of individual departments to limit enrollment in second year. However, the idea of cutting large numbers of students based on their performance filling in multiple-choice bubbles on a Markex sheet in first year disturbs me.

The most obvious way to remedy Western's poor academic image is by improving educational quality. I am disappointed by such a lack of integrity coming from this highly-respected institution. Students work very hard to be here and they deserve a decent education.
Emily Chung
Scholar's Electives III

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