Volume 91, Issue 95

Friday, March 27, 1998



Underground Groove

©Tom Baumgartner/Gazette
SHAKEN NOT STIRRED AND LOOK AT YOU BABY. Drinking in the abs-olutely exciting new trends in fashion at this year's Underground Groove fashion show. The show, entitled Colossus, was held at Centenial Hall as a benefit for AIDS.

©Tom Baumgartner/Gazette
LIVING IN A MATERIAL WORLD. This happy model sports a sexy, leg-bearing spaghetti-strap dress while flanked by some spectacular model cohorts.

©Tom Baumgartner/Gazette
DARE TO BARE: IS THIS REALLY FASHION? These models are nudie patooties at the Underground Groove fashion show, "Colossus," held last weekend at Centennial Hall with proceeds to benefit AIDS. They, among others, were chosen from about 700 potential strutters.

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