Volume 91, Issue 95

Friday, March 27, 1998



Justice for all

Re: Don't do drugs, March 24

To the Editor:
By arguing entrapment, this 'drug smuggling' fellow in Dubai is not trying to say drug smuggling is okay. This person is likely arguing entrapment because he was coerced by police to do something he presumably would not have normally done.

Furthermore, the fact this fellow is to be put to death for less than a gram of hashish and a small amount of heroin is outrageous! The fact he is Canadian is the reason this story reaches us. There is no doubt in my mind that many citizens of the United Arab Emirates are routinely executed for similar reasons.

Whatever happened to respecting justice, fairness and human life? It's not just one Canadian person's life on the line, but his case does deserve a high degree of attention. Canadians are committed to equatable distribution of justice, not unjust laws.

James C. Simmonds
History III

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