Volume 91, Issue 96

Tuesday, March 31, 1998



York Senate schedules tuition debate sequel

By Sandra Dimitrakopoulos
Gazette Staff

Discussion between York University administration and student activist groups regarding the future of tuition and the university's code of conduct recently came to a peaceful but somewhat frustrating end.

The York Action Coalition organized a day of debate over tuition between students and York President Lorna Marsden held on March 26.

David Bernans, a member of the coalition and VP-liason for the Graduate Students' Society, said students seemed visibly angry at the responses offered by administration during the debate. "The responses we were given were pretty evasive – they didn't give us any new information."

Marsden was originally not scheduled to attend the debate but rearranged her itinerary to make sure she could make it to some of the discussion, said York spokesperson Sine MacKinnon.

"[Marsden] has always been accessible to students and this is just another example," MacKinnon said. Marsden has also commissioned reports from Board of Governors meetings on the question of tuition to be printed in The Excalibur, York's student newspaper.

Soon after the debate, several members of the coalition and other York students attended a Senate meeting in support of motions being put forth by student senators. The motions included freezing tuition levels and a re-evaluation of the code of conduct in response to disciplinary letters sent to student protestors from a previous event on March 2.

President of the York Federation of Students Dawn Palin said the meeting ran out of time and all the motions could not be put forward. A two-thirds majority vote eventually ended the session in favour of further discussion at the next Senate meeting scheduled for sometime in April.

"It was pretty disappointing there wasn't a more solid decision – students probably wanted more immediate results," Palin said.

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