Volume 91, Issue 96

Tuesday, March 31, 1998



Part of problem

Re:Country Club U, March 26

To the Editor:
Western has a bad reputation outside of its own little universe, this much is true. But let me tell you, it's not the clothes people wear, the work they put into their hair or even the frats and sororities which have caused this.

"Jackson" would have us believe that if only certain "bitches" would spend a bit less on their clothing and "smarten up," then the reputation problems plaguing this university would disappear. Of course, none of the reputation problems this university faces are the fault of men.

I hate the snobby attitude too many of the students at this school seem to carry as much as anyone. In fact, I hate a lot of things about Western as much as anyone. But excessive vanity is just kind of annoying. Misogyny is a lot worse. And when I complain about Western with friends who aren't here, it's not really the clothes and the hair and the frats I talk about, it's the general atmosphere of ignorance which pervades the place. And now I have another example of it.

Worried about the bad reputation Western has, "Jackson"? Well, guess what, pal? You just added to it.

Beau Levitt

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