Volume 91, Issue 96

Tuesday, March 31, 1998



They don't care

Re: Soft drink deal may turn flat, March 24

To the Editor:
So VP-administration Peter Mercer is hinting that a big chunk of the money from a single-source beverage deal should go to help build Western's new stadium in time for the 2001 Canada Games. What a terrific notion. I have a simple suggestion for Western's administration: Instead of pussy-footing around, diverting money from here and there to support your pet projects, why not just start robbing students personally? Seriously! I look forward to the day when Western's administrators will simply skip the middleman and begin mugging the students who wander too close to Stevenson-Lawson.

Look, if Western students are going to be locked into buying one type of soft drink (the horror, the horror), then I want to see the potential profits from this deal going right back to the students. The USC is proposing that this money be put back to work for students in the form of student aid and I say bravo! If we can keep Western's admin. from getting their grubby hands on the dough then maybe this deal's positives will outweigh any potential inconveniences.

Would it be too much to ask that the ever-so-learn-ed and wise administration of this university at least pretend to give a flying f*ck about the students at this place? It's bad enough that tuition fees are continuing to skyrocket, but now they have to divert much needed cash to such a questionable investment? If they want to build a stadium, why not call up the Ivey family and ask them to cough up the cash? There's not nearly enough at Western that's been named after them already.

Peter Ash
Honours Economics IV

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